MONOCOZZI Bon Voyage | Travel Bags 4 in 1 Set ( Small Apparel Bag, Large Apparel Bag, Shoes Bag, Zipper Pouch)


  • 69.90

The Bon Voyage Travel Bags set includes 4 things thats basically everything you need to tidy up your clothes, shoes and otther small accessories when going for either a business trip or vacation. The small apparel bag is designed to pack your lingerie, socks, pyjamas, and the large apparel bag is for the shirts, tees and jeans etc. The shoe bag fits your sneakers so we can still go running even you are away from home. Last but not least, You can put all the bits and pieces in the zipper pouch, and to put the whole set back in when you are home.

Water Repellent Material

This series of bags are all made with high quality water repellent light weight polyester.

Holds your apparel and lingerine for up to 7 days

To get yourself neat and organised. This travel set holds your lingerine and apparel for up to 7 days tidily.

Folded to be Ultra Small

This travel set is ready to be completely folded for minimising the volume while travelling.

Well Organised

By simply looking at the travel set, you would know how to pack your stuffs for the trip.

Lightweight & Sturdy Material

It's made with Lightweight 420D Polyester, designed to be lightweight and sturdy.

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