Monocozzi Bon Voyage Luggage Portable Scale


  • 49.90

Do we all hate excess baggage charge? Yes. Do we all pack our lives with us as we travel? Maybe. Regardless of your packing skills, you do not deserve to that extra hassle at the check in counter therefore MONOCOZZI has brought you the Bon Voyage Portable Luggage Scale. Whilst it can't stop you from bringing dumping all sorts of nonsense in your bag, it will very honestly warn you that your luggage is overweight. It is light, it is easy to use, it is the travellers' gem.

Measures Up to 50kg
It supports measuring up to 50kg.

Easy to Use
Simply touch the screen and here you go!

This scale is designed to be small and lightweight, gives you no burden while travelling.

Prevent Hassles in the Airport
Always have a scale in the luggage, and get prepared before boarding.

Long Battery Life
Maximised energy efficiency

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