MONOCOZZI BON VOYAGE | Travel Adaptor with 35W with 3 x USB and 2 x USB-C PD Connector


  • 79.90

An incredibly powerful adaptor that delivers outstanding results, a peace of mind when using electronics abraod.


The Bon Voyage Travel Adaptor is a very powerful travel buddy as it is compatible with almost all countries in the universe, simply push down and slide to change the plug as you cross the border! The USB-C PD port allow for fast charging of USB-C devices, which is particularly useful for those who own high-power devices with USB-C ports. It is also compatible with numerous types of plugs, so you can use it in different countries, making it a highly convenient solution for frequent travelers.

Supports over 150 countries

The Bon Voyage Travel Adaptor supports over 150 countries in the world. It makes sure your devices can be used anywhere in the world.

Charge 6 Devices Simultaneously

2 USB-C ports, 3 USB ports and an universal AC outlet offer you the strongest whilst smallest travel adaptor it can be.

35W USB-C PD + USB-C + 2 USB charging port equipped.

The 35W USB-C PD port allows you to quickly charge high-power devices such as laptops, tablet and smartphones, while the 3 USB ports provide additional charging options for other devices.

Universal AC Outlet

The universal AV outlet helps to accomodate international visitors or devices with foreign plugs.

Auto Reset Fuse

New auto reset fuses are used to ensure safety concerns.

Portable and Lightweight

Minimal and compact design, perfect for carrying around

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