Dripoドリポ牧場 Coffee Milk Instant Drink (1 box / 25pcs) Japanese coffee milk flavor Low Caffeine


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Full of milk flavor, one sip will take you back to the time when you first tasted Japanese coffee milk flavor, only 1/3 the caffeine content of competing brands (32mg of caffeine per serving)

DRIPO coffee and milk instant drink Japanese original version, each stick has 16 grams, and each box has 25 sticks.

Hot drinks: It is recommended to brew 140 ml of hot water, which can be increased to 180 ml according to personal taste.

Cold drink: It is recommended to brew with 80 ml of water, then add the appropriate amount of ice cubes according to personal preference.

满满的牛乳风味,喝一口就能让你回到那第一次喝到日本咖啡牛乳风味的时光,咖啡因含量仅竞争品牌的 1/3(每份含咖啡因32毫克)

DRIPO 咖啡牛乳即溶饮品日系原味版,每条有 16 公克,每盒有25条。

热饮:建议冲泡 140ml 的热水,可以依照个人口味增加至 180ml。

冷饮:建议以 80ml 的水冲泡之后,依照个人喜好加入适量冰块。

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