Dripoドリポ牧場 Matcha Milk Instant Drink (1 box / 25 sticks) Authentic Japanese Matcha with Taiwan's Favorite Flavors


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It is prepared with matcha powder imported from Japan and selected according to the favorite flavors of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.It doesn’t have the dead sweet taste of Japanese brand instant matcha latte, nor is it as watery and mediocre as Taiwanese brands

Dripo's matcha milk has a prominent tea taste and an excellent balance of milk flavor. The key point is that it is slightly sweet like black tea milk, and it tastes easy to drink.

This continuation of the series is as good as ever (I promise!).

DRIPO Matcha Milk Instant Drink Original Version, each stick has 16 grams, and each box has 25 sticks.

Hot drink:

It is recommended to brew 140ml of hot water, which can be increased to 180ml according to personal taste.

Cold drink:

It is recommended to brew with 80ml of water, then add the appropriate amount of ice cubes according to personal preference.

Made in MIT Taiwan










MIT 台灣製造

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