MONOCOZZI POSH | Ultra Slim Vegan Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro 13"/ 14" & MacBook Air 13" w/ USB-C


  • 79.90

No other MacBook sleeves would look as elegant and gorgeous as Monocozzi Posh Sleeves. These slim sleeves are designed to match what you wear. This prevailing streamline pattern polyurethane sleeve fits all MacBook Pro 13", 14", and MacBook Air 13" very comfortably. This is something you will need as a fussy up-to-the-minute person.

Ultra Slim Structure
The design is absolutely ultra slim that people will love carrying it around.

Water Repellent Durable Vegan Leather Materia.
The vegan leather material on POSH is water repellent. You won't need to worry that a splash of tea will ruin your notebook in it.

Inner Microfibre Keeps the MacBook Clean and Decent
The Microfibre lining protects your MacBook surface from scratches and the cozy touch makes you feel clean and decent


2 Side zippers
Instead of inserting your notebook into the sleeve from one side, POSH sleeve allows you to open the sleeves with both sides, having the sleeve widely opened before inserting it in. It simply makes life easier.

Versatile Functionality
The POSH sleeve can be carried solo, or inside a larger bag or briefcase.

Protection from Bumps & Scratches
The sleeve fully covered your MacBook from all angles. It can avoid all the bumps and scratches that it can possibly get.


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