Monocozzi Lucid Slim | Ultra Slim Polypropylene Translucent Case for MacBook Pro 16"/ MacBook Pro 14" 2021 (Non Stratch surface)


  • 99.90

We all to different extents act like overprotective parents when we first got our MacBooks. MONOCOZZI's LUCID SLIM Translucent Case satisfies our protectiveness by providing scratch and dust-free armor for your MacBook Air. Its minimalist design blends naturally with the MacBook Air and its ultra-lightweight polypropylene material adds no bulk to the device. Any purchase of this LUCID case now comes with an environmentally friendly TPU liquid-proof keyboard cover to provide all-rounded protection. 


Sticky and Scratch Free Translucent Finish
Polypropylene offers you a material that is scratch free and sturdy. unlike the TPU paint, it simply keeps the case clean at all times.


Extraordinary Lightweight

The MacBook cases are so light that you can barely feel the weight. It's only 155 Gram!

Ultra Thin
The case is only 1.1mm thick. It's amazing tooling craftsmanship.

Silicone Feet for Stability on Slippery Surface
4 pcs of silicone feet that increase the stability of using the MacBook on a slippery surface.

Complimentary Transparent Keyboard Protector
Any purchase of a LUCID MacBook case now comes with a splashproof TPU keyboard cover

All Rounded Protection from Bumps and Scratches
The case fully covered your MacBook when it's closed. It can avoid all the bumps and scratches that it can possibly get.


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