MONOCOZZI LUCID Refined | Biodegradable Leather Slim Passport Holder (with RFID)


  • 49.90
  • Save 10.00


The MONOCOZZI biodegradable leather slim passport holder is a sustainable and stylish accessory for travelers. Made from sustainable materials, this passport holder is designed to reduce your environmental impact while keeping your passport safe and organized with RFID Protection. 

Sustainable Material

The Passport Holder is made from a blend of bamboo fiber and PU leather, which is designed to biodegrade naturally over time without leaving any harmful residues in the environment.

Mesh Window for Contact Information

The passport holder features a mesh window for displaying your passport information.

Premium and Stylish Design

The sleek and minimalist design that looks great on any type of travelers.

RFID Protection

Prevents potential data theft or privacy breaches from your passport.

Sturdy Structure

Durable material and reinforced stitching, ensuring it can withstand the wear and tear of travel.



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