MONOCOZZI LUCID FOLIO | Ultra Light Full Protection Folio Case with Apple Pencil Slot and Camera Protector for iPad Air 10.9"


  • 79.90

Your iPad Air 2022 deserves sophistication at a light weight. With the Lucid Folio Ultra Slim Hard Flip Case, your feather-light device will be supported by an ultra-light TPU bumpered polycarbonate base with a very classy leather cover finish. The leather cover also doubles as a stand to optimise your tablet experience. Coming in a range of colors, this case is tailored for restless minds and playful souls.

3 Standing Angles for Reading, Watching, and Typing
You may enjoy viewing or reading your iPad from 3 viewing angles both horizontally and vertically. It gives you the greatest pleasure and convenience of viewing your iPad.

Soft All-Rounded Impact Protection
The soft all-rounded impact protection prevents damage from drops and bumps.

Apple Pencil slot
The built-in Apple Pencil slot inside the case ensures you don't lose the Apple Pencil when it's not in use.

Biodegradable and Recyclable Material
Stay away from non environmental-friendly materials. TPU is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.


PC Transparent Backplate
Through the PC's transparent backplate, the back of your iPad becomes visible.


Awake on Open, Sleep on Close
iPad goes on and off simply with the cover on and off the device surface


Also, work with iPad Pro 11" 2021
Extra swappable complimentary camera protector to work with iPad Pro 11" 2021

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