iThinking Bear Papa Ratchet Screwdriver


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Bear Papa is a hand size, super strong bear from Taiwan. He likes to help others in many ways. From his sincere eyes , you can feel the spirit of its power and usefulness.

Bear Papa is the Ratchet Screwdriver !

Bear Papa 's body can be divided into three parts , the head is equipped with a grip ratchet device

Open the body to expose a total of six chassis with different sizes of common screwdriver head
( Slotted / Phillips / Hex with 2 different sizes for each type )

The ratchet screwdriver magnetic base can hold screws for easy start

After adjusting the ratchet ( three-way , forward / fixed / reverse ) direction of rotation , simply rotate back and forth using the wrist , you can easily lock or loosen the screws , the operation is very convenient and effortless

1. Pick up the bear's head
2. Unplug the body to select Screwdriver
3. Place the screwdriver to the magnetic handle
4. Turn the black ring , can be a three-way (forward / fixed / reverse ) to adjust the ratchet , the control will tighten or loosen the screw direction
5. Hold the bear head grip, turning back and forth to screw

Color Selection
Bear Papa comes in black, brown , gray and red as the basic style. Colored with special ink which does not comes off easily.

Exquisite packaging design
Bear Papa adopt transparent shell packaging , both beautiful and dustproof.
A visual sweetener for your desk or cabinet or to become part of home decoration.
Each color of the packaging are accompanied by cute little illustration.

Chassis package is opened, you can incorporate six screwdriver, housed in Bear Papa tummy.

Insist on quality and structural design
Bear body is made with environmental friendly material with tough PP engineered grade plastic, coated with TPR green rubber to improve grip and comfort while strengthening urging desired degree of friction .

Centre Block ratchet screwdriver is made of chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel , Bits screwdriver head is made of silicon alloy steel (S2), chrome plated for rust proof treatment.

‧ body ø 57 x H125mm
‧ bear three-way ratchet screwdriver head grip 1
‧ 1/4 ", 50mm long screwdriver head
  Cross # 1 , # 2 and 1
  Word 4, 5 mm each 1
  Allen 4, 5 mm and 1 (all co 6 )
‧ weight of about 180g

Please keep Bear Papa away from direct sunlight and high humidity place.

Keep him dry as well.

Made in Taiwan

 ****** Special WHITE Christmas Edition ******

Special WHITE Bear Papa is a Limited Christmas Edition
 Gold Plated on all metal parts