KAGS DUSTIN mini Ergonomic School Backpack for Primary School Pupils


  • 149.90


DUSTIN Series has always been the best sellers since they were first launched. We often hear junior primary school pupils like them but they are just too large for them! Children need to carry the right size backpacks so now we have DUSTIN mini! One huge top loading compartment for all the textbooks and exercise books. Children only need to simply pull one zipper then they can get accessed with all the books in the bag. We didn’t take away the very unique insulated lunch box compartment to compromise, and the children will just never need to carry another bag for their lunch boxes. P.S. Despite the shrunken bag size, It still fits F4 files!



Dimensions: W27 x D17.5 x H40 Centimetres

Weight: 0.74 Kilogram

Capacity: 18 Litres

Suitable Height: 120 - 135 Centimetres 

Colours Available: Blue, Magenta

Fabric: 900-Denier Polyester with Polyurethane Water Repellent Coating & Premium 230 Denier Polyester Lining



1.     Under 0.8kg Ultra Light Weight

2.    Strong Spine Support

3.    Water Repellent High Density Material

4.    Light Reflection Water Resistant Zippers

5.    Complimentary Student Card & Touchless Payment Card Holder w/ Strap

6.    1 Front Compartment for Accessories

7.     1 Zipper Access all Textbooks and Exercise Books

8.    Signature Inner Elastic Strap for Better Spine Support

9.    iPad Compartment

10.  Lightweight Handle

11.   2 Side Pockets for Water Bottles

12.  Japanese Design Children Friendly Front Clip

13.  Non Flammable Material

14.  Insulated Lunch Box Compartment

15.  Designed for Junior Primary School Pupils

16.  Proudly Designed in Hong Kong by Parents

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