Dripo咖啡焙煎所 In case of Emergency instant Black coffee 2 gram X 30 strips/box


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Dripo's first Japanese-made product, produced by the 50-year-old Hiroshima Coffee Company, small-pack instant black coffee solves your small problem of having a cup of coffee anytime, anywhere

Dripo Coffee Roasters |Instant Black Coffee 2gram X 30 sticks/box

Dripo's first Japanese-made product, using the third-generation freeze-dried coffee powder made in Brazil, can best restore the original flavor of coffee, it medium-dark roasted taste, not too bitter but rich in taste, brewed with hot water Or brewed in cold water has a different taste.

Product Name: DRIPO Coffee Roasters Instant Black Coffee

Product specifications: 2gram X 30 capsules/group, each capsule is recommended to brew 140ml of water.

Ingredients: 100% instant black coffee powder

Packaging production place: Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Dripo咖啡焙煎所 |即溶黑咖啡 2gram X 30条/盒



产品规格:2gram X 30入/组,每入建议冲泡140ml水量。

原料:100% 即溶黑咖啡粉



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