Tunewear TUNEMAX ENERGY JACKET for iPhone 6


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TUNEMAX ENERGY JACKET For iPhone 6, an innovative and practical design that will provide a full-day energy support to your iPhone 6.

With the diversities of operations and multi-functions of iPhone 6, most of the users have encountered the same difficulty – depletion of power. Meanwhile, the use of iPhone will be impeded without adpoting the energy jacket. Therefore, the R & D Team of TUNEWEAR is devoted to finding the solutions with a view to bringing the best experience to the customers, having further improved based on the previous model of which has secured a tremendous success in the market.

TUNEWEAR believes TUNEMAX ENERGY JACKET for iPhone 6 will transform the use of portable chargers into a new level as it is easy for both installation and removal, with only 94 grams of its light weight, and the ultra-thin design – 15.3mm.The simple and unique manipulation of TUNEMAX ENERGY JACKET doubles the life of your iPhone 6 in between charges with it's layers. The built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery can charge your iPhone 6 for 1.5 time and make you text, surf, email and talking without worrying running our of power.

TUNEMAX ENERGY JACKET for iPhone 6 is a “Made for iPhone” product and it has been certified to meet APPLE performance standards. The authentic and licensed Lightning connector equipped is supplied by APPLE's authorized and sole distributor. When there are some updates of the software, you need not be worried about the incompatibility with the authentic Lightning connector. The several precautionary features, notably the built-in short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge and current protection, are installed to ensure your iPhone is always safe.

Since headphones come with plugs of different shapes and sizes, a short audio jack cable is included to allow for the use of any kind of headphones. A micro-USB cable for connecting TUNEMAX ENERGY JACKET for iPhone 6 to the computer is provided so that you can use the USB port on TUNEMAX ENERGY JACKET for iPhone 6 for either charging or syncing with iTunes without the need of removing iPhone from the jacket.

TUNEMAX ENERGY JACKET for iPhone 6 is available in two colors – Black & White. The black color version is rubber-coated for a unique texture and gives a secure feeling when being held on your hand. And the white color version is made of a durable scratch-resistant UV coating.

User manual download : TUNEMAX Energy Jacket for iPhone 6


Battery type : Li-polymer battery

Battery capacity : 3000mAh

Input : DC5V, 2000mAh

Output : DC5V, 1000mAh

Size : Approximately 71(W) x 151(H) x 15.3(D)mm

Weight : Approximately 94grams

iPhone 6

Package Contents:
Short audio jack cable X 1
Micro USB Cable X 1
Colors available:

Available colours:
Black (rubber coating)
White (UV coating)

12 months

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