Tunewear EGGSHELL for iPhone 6S Plus (5.5")


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With a thickness of only 0.8mm, eggshell covers all edges of iPhone to give it full protection. The name eggshell implies that it is a thin case and with our many years of experience selling the eggshell series, we believe 0.8mm to be the ideal thickness for protecting the iPhone's form factor.

eggshell features a tough shell with the volume and sleep/wake buttons left uncovered for easy access. There is increased thickness around the holes for the ring strap to provide extra strength. The microphone and speaker holes are also left uncovered to perfectly match the body of iPhone and to eliminate the chance or any voice or sound distortion.

TUNEWEAR Ring Strap Stand (RSS)
● RSS keeps iPhone steady while shooting and wraps around your finger to prevent accidental drops.
● Easily access iPhone when it's in your bag or pocket when using the RSS.
● Use RSS as a stand for multi-angle viewing and operating of the iPhone screen.
● The integrated “Sound- FUNnel” on the ring strap stand amplifies audio coming from iPhone.

Package content:

  • eggshell for iPhone 6s Plus / 6 Plus
  • Ring strap stand


  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6 Plus

Colors available:

  • Crystal Clear
  • Smoke
  • Clear White

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