Tunewear EGGSHELL for iPhone SE/5s/5 - Crystal Clear


  • 24.90

A remarkably thin and light hard case made of rugged polycarbonate with rubber coating to provide the necessary strength and durability to protect your iPhone.

Seeking the optimal balance of durability and thinness at 0.75mm like an egg shell.
Through years of R&D, we arrived at the optimal thickness of 0.75 mm to protect your iPhone while keeping it lightweight and unobtrusive.

Designed to also protect the front of the iPhone. The protective case curves over the edge of your iPhones so that the screen does not come into contact with surfaces or when dropped. 

Innovative and multi-functional Ring Strap Stand. From preventing costly drops of your iPhone, providing stability when taking photos, functioning as an adjustable stand when viewing movies, securing headphone cables, to amplifying sound coming from your iPhone, the Ring Strap Stand becomes a must-have feature.


Ability to attach a strap. Strap holes are integrated into the bottom back of the case to attach the included ring strap stand or your own strap. Material around the holes have been doubled to provide extra strength.

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