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CarbonLOOK for iPhone 6 is an ultra thin case with a beautiful carbon pattern. It is light and thin and adds a layer of protection to iPhone without adding additional weight or bulk. Using the latest technology, a carbon weave image is printed inside the layers of plastic to create a case that resembles real carbon. It does not disintegrate or change color even after prolonged use.

With the case on, all iPhone ports, buttons and camera remain open and accessible so there is no need to remove CarbonLOOK once it has been attached. CarbonLOOK gives a good secure feeling when gripped in your hand. There are strap holes for attaching a phone strap or a favorite charm.

Instead of using a “carbon type” of material, we have printed the carbon look film directly into the case’s plastic for more realism and material strength.

CarbonLook is an open ended, easy access case with a carbon motif. All ports and control surfaces are left open for easy access.

Built into the case are 2 holes for connecting lanyards or straps and the increased case thickness around the holes doubles the materialʼs strength. The size of the holes allows for easy installation.

TUNEWEAR Ring Strap Stand (RSS)
● RSS keeps iPhone steady while shooting, even in extreme conditions such as out a car window.
● Easily access iPhone when it's in your bag or pocket when using the RSS.
● Use RSS as a stand for multi-angle viewing and operating of the iPhone screen.
● Keep RSS around your finger to prevent dropping iPhone.
● RSS is not made of any metal parts negating the risk of scratching the iPhone body or screen.

Package content:
CarbonLOOK for iPhone 6
Ring strap stand

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iPhone 6

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