thecoopidea Gummy Lite 10000mah Powerbank


  • $23.00
  • Save $7

GUMMY LITE features a high capacity of 10000mAh, which allows you to fully charge your iPhone 12 up to 3 times, fulfil what you need in a whole full day. 

GUMMY LITE features a high-speed Type-C output and 2 standard USB-A output, which allows you charge 3 devices together, so you never need to worry about losing power from your favourite devices.

The power bank has enough juice to charge your iPhone 12 3 times, that lets you power up quick when you‘re on the go.

Type-C USB Input + 2 USB Output
Max output at 2.4A
10,000mAh large capacity, charges up to 3x Full cycle of iPhone 12
Handy Size: 130 x 69 x 15mm
Type-C Cable included

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