Switcheasy Glass Hero Mobile Gaming 9H Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13


  • 59.90

Switcheasy Glass Hero Mobile Gaming 9H Glass Screen Protector

Mobile phones are quickly becoming the biggest gaming console in the world. Glass Hero is for the serious gamer who demands performance during tournaments. Compared to regular glass screen protectors with coating that wears off over time, Glass Hero utilises the latest etching process to create a smooth surface to keep you on top of your game.

  • 9H hardness glass. Protecting iPhone from cuts and scratches.
  • Full-coverage glass. Providing edge-to-edge screen protection. Compatible with almost all cases in the market.
  • Unique etching technic, keep the smooth swiping hand feel.
  • Ultra clear, high transparency.
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge.
  • Easy and bubble free application.
  • Package contains cleaning kit (alcohol wipes, cleaning cloth, dust absorber sticker).


  • Material : Tempered Glass
  • Product in retail package : 215*110*20.5 mm
  • Product only Weight : 25.4g
  • Product in the retail package : 82.2g

Edge-to-Edge Protection

Full coverage 9H hardness anti-scratch tempered glass.

Unique EtchingTechnology

Creating ultra-smooth surface for perfect game play. 

No Smudges, No Fingerprint

Plasma-level nano coating makes the screen feel smoother and more comfortable.

Ultra Clear

High transparency for an uncompromising gaming experience.

Bubble-Free Installation

Fast and tightly fit the screen without bubbles.

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