SOUL Run Free Pro Bio

Soul Electronics

  • 249.90

  • REAL TIME VOICE COACHING -Using Biomechanical Data Collected in Real Time, The RUN FREE PRO BIO A.I. Coach Offers Suggestions to Improve Running Form
  • LED LIGHT AND REFLECTIVE CABLE -Not only can you take the RUN FREE PRO BIO anywhere,but the LED light and reflective cable protect you from oncoming vehicles and cyclistsduring your nighttime run. Now you can run at anytime, day or night,and be confident in your safety.
  • SUPREME SOUND QUALITY -The RUN FREE PRO BIO provides you with an immersive sound experiencewherever you are: in the gym, on the track, or anywhere on planet earth.
  • GAIT ANALYSIS PARAMETERS -Our Beflex BiomechEngine® tracks your running form
  • LONG BLUETOOTH RANGE - 33ft Bluetooth Range
  • IPX5 AND NANO COATING - Washable and Sweat resistant
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE -Up to 11hrs (Varies by volume level and content). Up to 5hrs when Beflex Biomech Engineer is on (Varies by volume level and content)
  • AUTHENTIC PRODUCT - 100% full refund if found non-authentic, ADD TO CART & purchase with ease.

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