Monocozzi LUSH Foldable Duffle Bag


  • 54.90

This is not easy to create a backpack that can maintain functionality, practicality and style. The LUSH Foldable Backpack is the perfect versatile and strong Backpack that can be folded down and packed away in your luggage when travelling. You can just unfold it and accommodate with you when you need to walk around with some extra handy storage in a stylish way.

Material: Water Resistant PU laminated Dobby-weave Nylon. This is a heavy duty nylon using the dobby weave which allows more flexibility in design and function resulting in a lightweight durable fabric. The material is also water resistance with the 2-layer PU lamination.

Folded size: 12.3cmx 16cm x 5.2 cm

Unfolded: 30cm x 44cm x 11 cm