Dripo Classic Blend Original - Easy Cold Brew Coffee: Convenient Bags for Refreshing Brews in 3 Steps!


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🌺#01 Classic Blend Original Blend-Cold Brew Convenience Bag 35gram X 6 packs/group

The ORIGINAL classic blend is DRIPO’s perennial hot-selling product. It selects 100% Arabica coffee beans from the mountains of Honduras and South Minas in Brazil. It is medium-roasted. The overall coffee flavor is sweet and balanced, mellow but smooth, Rich cocoa and nutty aroma, balanced coffee flavor, mild taste.

Cold brew convenience bag brewing advice As simple and convenient as cold brew coffee convenience bag

Each cold brew coffee convenience bag contains 6 packs of convenience packs, we recommend using 3 packs for one brewing, add 1500ml (there is a water injection line on the pack to help you understand the amount of water, please keep the bag standing up when extracting) the coffee in one pack The bag is enough for you to make 2 times of cold brew coffee, and you can make up to 3 liters of cold brew coffee in total.

Product Name: DRIPO Cold Brew Coffee Convenience Bag #01 Classic Blend Original Blends

Product specifications: 35gram X 6 packs/bag, it is recommended to brew 1500ml of water each time, one bag is enough to make 2 times

Aluminum bag size: flattened 20x28 (cm) can stand design, standing height x width x depth about 28x16x10 (cm)

Raw material: 100% Arabica coffee beans

Baking place: Taiwan

Taiwan food business registration number: F-150972520-00000-3

🌺#01經典拼配 Original Blend-冷萃便利袋 35gram X 6包/組


冷萃便利袋沖泡建議 跟冷萃咖啡便利包一樣簡單方便


產品名稱:DRIPO冷萃咖啡便利袋 #01 經典拼配 Original Blends

產品規格:35gram X 6入/袋,每次建議沖泡1500ml水量,一袋足夠製作2次


原料:100% 阿拉比卡咖啡豆




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