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CableBox Mini  

CableBox hides untidy, loose, tangled cables under the desk, next to the computer, or behind the TV.

To keep cable clutter in check, CableBox discreetly conceals excess cable slack and keeps it neatly out of sight under your desk, next to the computer or behind the TV. There is no need to unplug anything first; simply place your surge protector inside the CableBox, tuck in the surplus cables and close the lid.CableBox can accommodate virtually any size power strip, with extra space allotted for cords and adapters. CableBox is made from high-density, flame retardant plastic and is available in Black, White, Moonlight Blue and Light Sage. 

Cable access

Two outlets on either side of the CableBox grant access to the cables you need.


CableBox gives you the peace of mind that your cables are safely stowed out of sight.

Features and Compatibility


Compatible with both wide and long surge protectors. Surge protector not included.


Cablebox : Black or White
Cablebox Mini : Black, White, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange


High-density flame-retardant plastic


CableBox : 40.64 x 15.875 x 13.65 cm 
Cablebox Mini : 23.5 X 11.43 X 12.7 cm


Recommended for use in living or working space.