Bluelounge Sanctuary 4


  • 139.00

Bluelounge Sanctuary 4 is a four-port multi device charging valet for tablets and phones. With 4-amps of power, there is plenty of juice to quickly charge multiple devices at the same time.





Because who has just one device anymore? No one. And frankly, fighting over the single wall charger in the house has gotten pretty old.

That’s where Sanctuary4 comes in. Sanctuary4 is a multi device charging valet. It accommodates up to 4 devices at once and the great thing is, everything can charge simultaneously.

No one needs to be unplugged, no one gets hurt.



With 4 Amps of power, there’s plenty to go around. The power will be distributed according to the devices’ needs so every device can get the fastest charge.



USB Hub Format     

One of the best things about Sanctuary 4 is the USB hub format. With 4 USB ports, you can customize your connections to mix and match the devices you need to charge. You can either use the cables that come with your devices or pick up some of our Charge & Sync short cables to create the perfect combination for your devices.

Switch Out Charging Cables

The ability to change out the charging cables to fit your needs is what makes Sanctuary4 timeless. Even as your devices change, your Sanctuary4 will still work with a simple switch of the cable.

Built-in Cable Management

Whether you use short cables or long, black or white, old or new, Sanctuary4 has cable management built-in. The lid that hides the USB hub beneath also makes sure regardless of what cables you use, your charging station always looks neat and tidy.



One of the things so many multi device chargers leave out is a place for tablets to charge. Sanctuary4 can also be considered a tablet charger because of its built-in tablet stand, a dedicated place for your iPad, Surface or Kindle.



1 x  unit of Bluelounge Sanctuary 4

1 x  AC adaptor with international adaptor (USA, EU, UK)

1 x  micro usb cable

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