Be3 Miracle Whitening Spray 100ml

McBay Pte Ltd

  • 49.90

With one application it makes the complexion more even, lighter and brighter. It contains active ingredients that reduces skin imperfections and is enriched with purifying and anti-pollution agents that detox the skin for a beautiful, healthy tone every day. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, pollution and different climate conditions, which causes our skin to lose its natural ability to reflect light and appear glowy.


1. INSTANT LUMINOSITY:  thanks to ACTIVAWHITE™, immediate whitening effect.

2. REDUCTION OF DARK SPOTS:  it improves skin color, correcting imperfections and dark spots.

3. EVENS OUT SKIN COLOR:  it gives the skin a smooth, flawless complexion and uniform skin color. 

4. PROVIDES nutrition and hydration for skin

5. Sun protection: fights against UV rays


For face application, spray directly on the skin in a continuous and even motion, holding the spray about 30 cm from the skin.


ACTIVAWHITE: innovative skin whitening mix that inhibits the production of melanin with an instant whitening effect, guaranteeing a long lasting whitening result on the skin. It has also an anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect.
SPF PROTECTION: mixture of chemical and physical filters with sun protective action.
VITAMIN E: fight against free radicals with anti-pollution and purifying effect.

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