Be3 Hydration Mania Body Spray (After Sun care) - 200ml

McBay Pte Ltd

  • 49.90

After sun care - a special combination of active ingredients that guarantees a soothing effect and reduces skin redness. It protects and defends the skin against free radicals. The easy spray application provides a refreshing feeling with smooth, soft and velvet action on your skin.

1. Lenitive: soothing effect and reduces redness.

2. Hydration and repairing: it makes the skin smooth, soft and silky and defends it against free radicals.

3. Refresh: gives a pleasant freshness at every application.



For total body application, spray directly on the skin in a continuous and even motion, holding the spray about 30 cm from the skin. Massage if necessary, until completely absorbed. Repeat the application during the day. - For face application, first spray your hand and then rub it on your face.


D.S.B. C®: anti-inflammatory and lenitive action on sunburned skin, it protects the skin against free radicals and deeply hydrates it.
INHIPASE®: anti-inflammatory, anti-redness and anti-dryness action on the skin.
SIEGESBECKIA ORIENTALIS: helps fight against the process of skin inflammation due to sunburn.
ALOE (ALOE BARBADENSIS): it has a hydrating effect on the skin, making it soft and smooth. It mitigates inflammation and protects the epidermis with long-term hydrating effects.
MENTHOL: refreshes the skin after use.

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