Be3 Body Shape Slimming Crackling Mousse - 200ml

McBay Pte Ltd

  • 59.90

This slimming and firming mousse reshapes the silhouette by acting on localized fat. The slimming and toning active ingredients are immediately channeled without having to massage the area for a long time thanks to the innovative Boom Technology™ (bubbly-refreshing effect) formula. Used daily, skin appears more compact and elastic. Visible results after 2 weeks.

1. Slimming: it targets localized fat.

2. Firming: it improves skin tone and elasticity.

3. Draining: it reduces the excessive accumulation of liquids and improves microcirculation.


For total body application, on first use, shake vigorously for one minute until you hear the product foam and activate inside the can. Apply the product vertically on the area to the treated. Massage until absorbed and the "effervescent" effect has disappeared. Apply every day to obtain effective and long-lasting results.


CAFFEINE: it plays an important role as stimulating drain and removal of stagnating fluids. Also, it mobilizes fat acids contained in the adipose tissues.
THEOBROMINE: it is contained in the seeds of the cocoa plant. It effectively stimulates the breakdown of fat accumulation.
IVY EXTRACT: it has an anaesthetic action that facilitates deep massaging practices by relaxing the tissues; it is also a vasoconstrictor that favors the re-absorption of skin edemas.
ASIATIC CENTELLA: it restores the functions of the capillaries that have been obstructed by the accumulation of toxins and fats and improves blood flow.
BIRCH EXTRACT: the draining action facilitates the reduction of edemas that compromise the adipose membrane. It stimulates the elimination of metabolic wastes.
CARNITIN: accelerates the metabolism of fats, strengthening the effect of topical formulas, thereby increasing their impact.
SOYBEAN EXTRACT: it is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and is one of many phyto (plant) chemicals that are biologically active against free radicals.
HOP EXTRACT: with firming and toning action that improves skin elasticity.
POMEGRANATE EXTRACT: contains ellagic acid, and is considered effective as an antioxidant. Pomegranate extract is very rich in vitamins and is nourishing the skin.
FUCUS VESCICOLOSUS EXTRACT: this seaweed has an amazing hydrating effect on the skin while also improving elasticity.


Keep away from heat, hot surface, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. Do not pierce or burn, even after use. Protect from sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C/122°F. Keep away from children.

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