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TUNEWEAR announced a new category of product that has never existed before. The CABLEART line of products attempts to solve the problems of aesthetics, protection of the cable and portability. These are problems that every iPhone and iPad user may experience, particularly forgetting to carry a Charging/Sync cable, how to carry the cable and how to protect the fragile Lightning connector with a cover.
CABLEART combines artistic charm with the functionality of protecting and carrying the cable. It also serves as a simple key holder with visual art piece.  
“I got sick and tired of forgetting a cable. Many times I bought a cheap cable at the airport thinking that I had to get one when in fact I had one placed deep inside my bag. I came up with the idea of doing an art piece and cable combo keychain, so it’s always out of the bag and visible.  It also had to be pleasant to look at. We have many designs in the works to satisfy all ages and gender.” said Hideki Francis Onda, founder of TUNEWEAR.
TUNEWEAR will release the first of its patented products in the shape of a Lantern, available in red or black colors. The cable is housed inside a protective shell which is the charm.

Package Contents:

  • CABLEART Series No.1 - Lantern X 1

Cable Length: approximately 18cm
Weight: approximately 25g

Colors available:

  • Black
  • Red

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